Thursday, 31 August 2017

A lot can happen in 4 weeks!

Well that's another month that has magically vanished! The reason for the lack of Blog activity is primarily down to the fact that my new laptop has been away being fixed after it suddenly and stubbornly refused to connect to the internet as the drivers became corrupted!!

A lot has been going on and amongst other things I'm considering buying a property in Italy with my new partner!!

On the wargame front I've  been painting odds and sods. All 28mm  but a mixture of  New Kingdom Egyptians, Macedonians, Landsneckts and early hangunners!

In total 200 foot and 16 mounted.

I'm now back in the swing of things so photos will be added over the weekend.

I'm off in less than an hour for a game at SSWG. My 28mm NKE will be taking to the field for the first time against an equally new Hittite army fielded by Colin Cavanagh. It will be a 200pt a side game using L'Art De La Guerre. I'll probably come off second best but it will be a good game, as it always is with Colin.

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