Thursday, 31 August 2017

A lot can happen in 4 weeks!

Well that's another month that has magically vanished! The reason for the lack of Blog activity is primarily down to the fact that my new laptop has been away being fixed after it suddenly and stubbornly refused to connect to the internet as the drivers became corrupted!!

A lot has been going on and amongst other things I'm considering buying a property in Italy with my new partner!!

On the wargame front I've  been painting odds and sods. All 28mm  but a mixture of  New Kingdom Egyptians, Macedonians, Landsneckts and early hangunners!

In total 200 foot and 16 mounted.

I'm now back in the swing of things so photos will be added over the weekend.

I'm off in less than an hour for a game at SSWG. My 28mm NKE will be taking to the field for the first time against an equally new Hittite army fielded by Colin Cavanagh. It will be a 200pt a side game using L'Art De La Guerre. I'll probably come off second best but it will be a good game, as it always is with Colin.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Where Did 8 Months Go???

Was my last post really last year!!

A lot has happened since my last post, most of it to do with life getting in the way of  gaming.

Anyway I'll not bore you with the details; suffice it to say that I'm back and picked up a paint brush yesterday for the first time in almost six months.

Unfortunately the Mountain and Pile have increased in size with the addition of some WWII Brits, a Curtley Miniatures Ancient Chinese Army and 3 boxes of the new Warlord Miniatures Landsnechts.

I've recently signed up for the conquering the Lead Mountain Painting Challenge (6MMRPC) which has come at the right time and spurred me on to pick up my brushes and make an inroad into the frightening Mountain and Pile.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

How Wrong Could I Be?!?

Well I ended the last post with a clear list the the next few units that I was going to wrong I was!!

My gaming chum Nick returned from foreign parts last week and we met up for a catch up and gossip about all things gaming.
The conversation got round to his current project which is 28mm Russian Napoleonics and his plan to paint 2, or was it 3, Corps in the next few weeks. Seriously though he paints more than 20 figures for every one I can manage! Well my thoughts inexorably turned to the 20+ boxes of Perry and Warlord French that have been languishing in the plastic pile for probably the best part of 2 years. I then felt obliged to dig out a couple of boxes and give them a go.

Warlord late French in greatcoats.

Perry plastic late French in a mixture of greatcoats and jackets.

My main problem though is that I really struggle to paint Napoleonics; I think it is just the sheer numbers required that put me off.

Having said that I'll finish these first 2 battalions, followed by a light one, and then see how I feel about the remainder. I'm sorely tempted to wait until the new year and then send them overseas to Fernando Enterprises. I sent 500 plastic Austrians out to Sri Lanka a couple of years ago and they only cost me just over £1 each including postage. I sent a single large box with 12 units of 48 figures. I included painting details for each unit and was pleasantly surprised to get a photo of the first figure of each unit for approval, to ensure the facing colours etc were correct. The whole process took a couple of months from despatch to return but all in all a very impressive service and well worth the wait.

The last pirates are almost complete and my frigate, named Theresa, is still in dry dock but plans are afoot........................

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pirates IV

A productive week.

I've managed to complete the 16 pirate crew and the 4 monks that were my target, plus the final 9 Royal Marines and started the last the last 9 pirates!

It's been a strange few days as I've been busier than usual but have actually managed to find more time for painting. There must be a moral there somewhere.

Anyway here are the results of my painting:

This just leaves the final 9 pirates and that is the first project of this three month challenge complete (well at least for the time being!!)

The next challenge is to complete my Frigate which is, at least in the main part built. All I need to do now is rub down the exterior of the hull, fit the 20 gun ports, finalise the configuration of the masts, fit them, paint the whole model and finally tackle the rigging!!

The next thing is to decide which project to complete next. I suppose it's a bit of a no brainier really as I have a unit of 28mm Sassanid heavy horse archers that I need for the Firestorm Games LADG competition in December. Once they are complete it's then on to the ACW Yanks that need finishing, thereby completing my first Sharp Practice II forces.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Pirates IV & Priests

A very quiet week painting wise.

I managed to almost finish the first 10 Wargames Foundry Royal Marines for my Pirates project. Still a bit of final highlighting to go but overall I'm satisfied with the results.

Next up are a group of four priests/monks

With regards to pirates I have 16 crew to tackle. I believe they are a mixture of Artizan and North star.

I'm still struggling to get decent photos using my camera but I'll persevere and maybe even master the dark art one day!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pirates III

Generally a quiet week painting wise v and very pirate orientated.

The Naval boarding party is almost complete. Just dip and final highlights to go:

Next up are the first Royal Marines:

Most of my remaining time has been spent putting together my DarkOps Frigate. So far I've managed the hull:

It went together remarkably easily and the online video instruction were invaluable. I've built many MDF buildings from a number of manufacturers and this is up there with the very best.
The masts have been put together but not glued so the next step is to finish and glue them them and then to commence painting the hull. I'm really very excited about this project.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Pirates II

Well it's been a quiet week as far as painting goes.

I've managed to complete the first pirate crew, although I'm not particularly happy with the results. I'm going to paint the 2nd batch and then decide whether to repaint the first lot.

Anyway here's a photo of them so far.

Next up is a Navy Crew.

Apologies for the poor quality photos; something else I can't seem to get right!

The work on My Dark Ops Frigate is well underway and construction was a doddle (that's as long as the excellent video is followed!!). The Theresa, as she's aptly named will be the subject of the next post.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


My first painting project to start using the before and after approach are Pirates.

The first unit is Calico Jack's Crew fromNorth Star via Bristol Independent Games (BIG):

Once these are finished I have Blackbeard's Crew and some Crusader Miniatures pirates plus Royal Marines from Foundry and British Line from AW Miniatures.

The centrepiece will be a 28mm MDF frigate from the DarkOps Dark Seas range:

Progress During September

September has been been very productive painting wise but yet again I failed to keep up with the blog. No excuses; I was just obsessed with painting.
In a normal month, if there is any such beast, I would be happy to paint 100 pieces. In September I managed over double that.

The breakdown is as follows:
89 28mm Foot, Sassanid, ACW and cowboys.
48 28mm Cavalry Sassanids.
64 15mm Cavalry Sassanids
2 28mm Sassanid Elephants.

Apart from 16 ACW and 4 Sassanids the decks are now cleared and ready for a more structured approach.

From now on, well at least until the end of this year I'll be posting a before and after photo of each unit/project.

Friday, 26 August 2016

A spot of painting

Since entering the forthcoming 28mm L'Art De La Guerre competition at Firestorm Games I thought I ought to paint the Sassanids.

The figures are Gripping Beast and have been lurking in the Pile for many a year.

As can be seen so far I've managed a couple of command bases, the levy, the elephants and the light foot.

I have also, more or less, stuck to my detox but admit to buying the Aventine Miniatures King's Elephant and the grand total of 4 mounted command. The real indulgence was the Little Big Men Studios transfers for the elephant but they are stunning and I'm afraid that my painting and photographic skills do neither the model of transfers justice.

 The photo below was imported my new phone that supposedly has a better quality camera than the camera used for the photos above.

I think I need to set up a photo booth as I have no control over the lighting levels!